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How to choose your Surf coach?

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Choosing the right surf coach is pivotal in elevating your surfing skills and enhancing your overall experience. A good surf coach should have not only a strong background in surfing but also a deep understanding of teaching techniques that cater to various skill levels. Look for a coach who is certified and has a good safety record. It’s essential they can effectively communicate and adapt their coaching style to suit your learning pace and goals. Additionally, a great coach should provide constructive feedback, encourage you, and understand the local wave conditions. Don’t underestimate the value of a coach who can inspire and motivate you, as their passion and enthusiasm for surfing can be contagious and greatly enrich your learning journey. Bora !

We believe surfing should be about fun, respect, and love for the ocean.
We want to bring surfing back to its roots, emphasizing the importance of community and connection.
We envision a world where surfers spend less time online and more time in the water, where local craftsmanship and businesses are valued.

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