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How to book a surfboard with Borasurfar?

To rent a surfboard with Borasurfar it’s pretty easy. First, let us know where and when do you want to surf and surfboards available will appear.

Then, find the surfboard you want to book, according to your surfing level. Check where the pick-up location is, and book your surfboard.

As we do not want you to be in a hurry, and to have time to enjoy the waves, we only enable booking on a daily basis.

Place your payment and wait for the approval of the professional.

The D-day, go to the professional, get your board waiting for you and go surfing !

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We believe surfing should be about fun, respect, and love for the ocean.
We want to bring surfing back to its roots, emphasizing the importance of community and connection.
We envision a world where surfers spend less time online and more time in the water, where local craftsmanship and businesses are valued.