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6.4 x 21.8 x 2.63


Very good condition


41 L


Hynson Knight Quad 6´4´´

The BOARDWORKS Hynson Knight Quad II 6’4” Surfboard in Red/White is a high-performance, versatile surfboard designed for all skill levels. This board is a collaboration between legendary shaper, Dale Hynson, and renowned surfer, Rusty Preisendorfer.

With its quad fin setup, the Hynson Knight Quad II offers excellent speed, maneuverability, and stability in a wide range of wave conditions. The quad fins provide increased drive and control, allowing surfers to easily generate speed and execute powerful turns with precision.

Measuring at 6’4” in length, this board is ideal for riders looking for a responsive, performance-oriented surfboard that excels in smaller to medium-sized waves. The slightly wider template and fuller rails give the board plenty of floatation, making it great for catching waves and maintaining stability.

The red and white color scheme gives the board a classic and eye-catching appearance. Made with top-quality materials, including a durable polyurethane core and fiberglass construction, the Hynson Knight Quad II is built to withstand the demands of aggressive surfing.

Whether you’re an experienced surfer or just starting out, the BOARDWORKS Hynson Knight Quad II 6’4” Surfboard is a reliable and versatile choice that will enhance your surfing experience and take your skills to the next level.

6´4´´ x 21.8 x 2.63 – 43L

  • Posted on May 14, 2024


Last seen 22 hours ago


Av. Dr. Fernando Raimundo Rodrigues, Esmoriz, Portugal

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