What thickness wetsuit should I wear for a surftrip in Portugal?

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Portugal is renowned for its pleasant weather throughout all seasons of the year, becoming warmer during the summer. Thousands of surfers from all corners of the globe flock to our shores to bask in our waves, the sunshine, and the high quality of life.

Despite the outside temperature soaring up to 40 degrees on some summer days, the water remains chilly all year round, varying between a maximum of around 22ºC and a minimum of 13ºC.

What is the water temperature in Portugal?

The water temperature varies depending on the beach and the season. In general, you will find warmer waters in the south, towards the Algarve, and colder waters in the north.

In the heart of winter, water temperatures can drop to around 14-15 degrees Celsius in the Lisbon area, reaching up to 20 degrees Celsius during the summer. Thus, there is a very small thermal range between winter and summer.

In the Algarve, water temperatures can rise up to 23 degrees Celsius during the summer.

Some data below from Costa da Caparica, near Lisbon

In general, a single wetsuit is sufficient to surf in Portugal throughout the year: a 4/3mm. If you only want to invest in an all-year-round wetsuit, or if you’re just starting out surfing, we recommend looking for a 4/3mm. This way, you can surf in it all year round.

What is the best wetsuit for winter in Portugal?

In the winter, if it is really cold, you can choose a 5/3mm wetsuit, and to stay even warmer, you can wear boots, and why not gloves/hoods.

In Portugal, almost all of us surf in the winter with a 4/3mm wetsuit and only wear boots (or don’t even wear them) from December to March

What is the best wetsuit for fall or spring in Portugal?

A wetsuit 4/3mm should be perfect.

What is the best wetsuit for summer in Portugal?

For summer, it depends on where you’re planning to surf. In the Algarve, where the water is warmer, a 2/2mm might be sufficient. Heading towards Ericeira and Peniche, we recommend a good 3/2mm or even a 4/3mm for those who feel the cold more. The difference between the outside temperature and the water can be high, and you might feel much colder than you imagined before starting your surf day.

Which surf wetsuit brand should you choose?

On our platform, we have numerous brands available second-hand. Generally, today all brands offer products of good quality. The price of a new surf wetsuit ranges from 130€ to 400€ (considered the top of the range for each brand).

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