Presentation of Org Surfboards

Rabbit is an experienced Portuguese shaper and surfer and is part of the history of national surfing. He is a multi-faceted artist, innovative and bold in his art. He is both a visionary, enjoying to design new models, and a perfectionist, listening to his clients and continuously looking for improvement on each board. His practice led him to experiment with different shapes which makes him an iconic shaper of both shortboards and guns; that's why he has been working directly with some of the best Portuguese surfers. This understanding and concern with meeting the surfers needs has been crucial to raise the quality of ORG Surfboards


Languages spoken

  • English
  • Portuguese




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Lisbon, Portugal

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Discover the surfboards models from Org Surfboards

You will find below all the models of surfboards available. Obviously you can adapt each model according to your skills, dimensions, desires etc.

Types of surfboards

  • Shortboard
  • Mid-lenght
  • Tow-in
  • Gun


  • Epoxy
  • PU





We believe surfing should be about fun, respect, and love for the ocean.
We want to bring surfing back to its roots, emphasizing the importance of community and connection.
We envision a world where surfers spend less time online and more time in the water, where local craftsmanship and businesses are valued.