Shape your own surfboard with Alain Madec

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What you will do

Who has never dreamed of crafting their own surfboard from scratch?

Well, now it’s possible, thanks to Alain Madec and Atelier Surf 29. With over 35 years of experience in shaping, Alain will guide you through six sessions of 2 hours each to shape your own surfboard and learn everything about the surfboard creation process.

First, you will go surfing with Alain at Costa da Caparica to analyze your surfing style and understand what your next surfboard could look like. Then, you’ll choose the project together, deciding on the surfboard’s outline, dimensions, etc., with the help of Shape3D software.

Alain will share all his secrets about every detail: the placement of the fin box, angles, materials, differences in tails, and more.

You can customize your board by drawing and painting it as much as you want.

At the end of this journey, you will have learned how to shape a surfboard and will be able to surf with your OWN surfboard that you have shaped. This is a once in a lifetime experience !

What is included

  • Surfing session with Alain
  • 6 sessions of shaping 2 hours
  • Custom design of your surfboard
  • Your own brand new surfboard
  • Alain best secrets for shaping

Meet your host, Alain Madec

Alain is a surfing lover. With more than 35 years of shaping, he knows his stuff about surfboards, and he loves to share it with others passionate. Originally coming from France, in Britanny, he lives in Portugal for more than 20 years now. He speaks fluently Portuguese, English and French.

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Where you will be

At Atelier Surf 29, in Almada, 15 minutes from Lisbon and 10 minutes from the beach breaks of Costa da Caparica



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