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Surf suits are certainly the main focus of Deeply, but you can find various surf-related products as well. Skateboards, bodyboard boards, surf accessories, clothing, and swim trunks are just some examples. You can use the promotional code on all these products.

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What is my size for Deeply wetsuits?

Deeply doesn’t have physical stores where you can try on a suit, so the question remains, what is my suit size?

It’s very simple; you just need to be aware of your height and weight. Deeply provides a size chart, which illustrates in a very simplified way the size of the suit you should use.

Size deeply wetsuits

How to take care of your wetsuit Deeply?

There are some precautions you should take with your surf suit to extend its quality.

After each surf session, you should rinse the suit with fresh water. If possible, leave the suit in a bucket of water with fabric softener for a few seconds. You should not let the suit dry in the sun. Considering that Deeply suits have a fast-dry system, drying the suit in the shade is easier. In winter, it is harder to dry the suit, but you can place it near a heater to speed up the process, without EVER letting the suit touch the heater.

When putting on the suit, don’t crease your nails to help pull it up; you can use a plastic bag on your feet to help the suit slide up more easily.

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Why Choose Deeply? Meet the Experts and Find Your Fit

Deeply’s commitment to excellence is evident in their association with some of Europe’s finest surfers, including Vasco Ribeiro, Maxime Huscenot, Lucía Martiño, and more. Their expertise ensures that every suit is tested under diverse conditions, resulting in gear that truly stands up to the challenge.

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Choosing the Perfect Surf Suit: A BoraSurfar Guide

Considering water temperature, your surfing level, and budget? Let us guide you through Deeply’s product range to find your perfect match, balancing performance, comfort, and price.

Sustainable Surfing: Second-Hand Options with BoraSurfar

We believe in making quality surf gear accessible while promoting sustainability. Check out our selection of second-hand Deeply suits, providing you with top-notch gear at a fraction of the price.


Unlock the World of Deeply: Promotions, Guides, and More!

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